Here are my prices for era edits:

-Heads(Recolour): 100 Shells
-Heads(Simple Edit): 1000-1500 Shells
-Heads(Difficult Edit): 2000-2500 Shells
-Heads(Scratch): 3000 Shells
-Bodies(Recolour): 500 Shells
-Bodies(Simple Edit): 1500-2000 Shells
-Bodies(Difficult Edit): 2500-3000 Shells
-Bodies(Scratch): 9000 Shells
-Upload Alone: 50 Shells
-Upload Paid Custom: Free


I will no longer be taking request because people steal my originals I make for myself. Therefore, you will have to deal with what I make, and that’s it. HOWEVER, if you’d like to make a request you MUST be OK with the final product being posted on my site with your name as the requestie on the post.

40 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Thanks for the edit of this head since your so good at it I was wondering if I could hav a custom head I want it to be sorta dolly with blue hair or purple in pigtails (cute) with dolly skin and manga eyes and slant smile pm me on graal if amy questions

  2. Hey techii can you make me a king doll custom for make it look royal aha but still keep it doll like i read your terms an i can deal with it :) an thanx

    Also one of my friends will be putting a request in aswell later on in the day :)

  3. Hey techii can you make me a princess doll custom head and body with some soft colors ill message you in game to describe what im looking for

    sincerely, lost liz >.<

  4. hello i love ur site i was wondering if you could make me a doll head and body
    head-black red eyes a gif that blinks and moves mouth
    body-curly body small a school girl outfit

  5. Hello if you can add me on kik mine it kittenboy420 I want a boy dolls head like that one blonde haired one blue eyes but with blinking green eyes I will pay and if you could so kindly the king body says visble background when it uploads 3: could you fix that and thanks for everything :) <3

  6. Hello I would like to pay for the head that’s blonde hair blue eyes but made into green eyes blinking and for the mouth to open like I added you on kik sent you how I would like it done and thank you so much for doing it too all credits can go to you and your amazing edits :) but yea like a gif head I want done thanks so much too :) this is a request and offering to pay :3 I always wanted the head like this lol :3 but thanks again <3

  7. i was wondering if you cam plzese make meh a purple and black body like you made your friends for the blure doll looking dress please and thank you

  8. you know the upload the one with the blue girl and black with blue hair the Body she has, I want it in purple to match bar and have long sleves plz

  9. Can u make a head with the doll and it was have a bow on the head i want u to edit me one can? Mine is classic i will pay because i want that head is so long i hope u can help me in classic my name is Lulu or u can find me in a guild call Single Forever i am the leader of it

  10. Could you make me a graal pink dor light blue dolly body but allowable for classic? Im B!B! on graal classic contact me please im a fa of your work and looking forward to see it

  11. Hullo :3 may u old tell me how to make gifs that work on Graal? I don’t have a computer or anything and i don’t have enough space on my tablet for gimp plz and ty

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